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Lunar Aftercare: We Maintain - You Gain

One of our fastest growing areas of work is being asked to inspect and maintain refrigeration equipment that we did not originally install - which we are more than happy to do. Regardless of who has installed your system there are many reasons why you should ask Lunar to undertake regular maintenance of it.

The Lunar aftercare package guarantees:-

  • Access to one of the largest and best-trained teams of engineers in the UK
  • Fast response thanks to our UK-wide network
  • Reduced downtime for your business

Increased energy efficiency directly boosting your bottom line

F-Gas Legislation

Since July 4th, 2007, the new F-gas legislation has made it imperative to have your equipment regularly checked for leaks and adequately maintained by a qualified supplier. The legislation also demands that you clearly identify and label relevant equipment and keep comprehensive records of usage. Choosing LUNAR AFTERCARE maintenance will cover all of these regulatory obligations.